A parent should know 12 months old baby developmental milestones. This would help parent what to expect and what not at the age of 12 months of your baby. Here are the milestones categorized in main three categories.

Physical Development

  • Uses pincer grasp* to pick up tiny objects
  • Pulls to stand and cruises* around furniture

Communication and Social Skill

  • Understands simple words
  • Follows 1-step instructions, e.g., “Comer here!”
  • Understands “NO!”
  • Looks for familiar family member when named
  • Starts making a long string of sounds or jargoning*.
  • Says first words
  • Experience separation anxiety
  • Begins to finger feed self
  • Points to ask for something

Play and Cognition

  • Understands cause-and-effect
  • Drops object into a container
  • Looks at simple pictures in a book

The developmental milestones chart listed above for 12 months old baby outline the behaviors and skills that children typically display at this age. However, every kid is unique in his own way and develops at his own pace depending on the opportunities and stimulation he receives at the age of 12 months.

Courtesy: www.zerotothree.org, Right From Start Book By Mandira Kumar