The parent should know a 3 months old baby developmental milestones. This would help parent what to expect and what not at the age of 3 months of your baby. Here are the milestones categorized in main three categories.

Physical Development

When lying on tummy….

Pushes up on arms and tries to lift head up

Communication and Social Skill

  • Looks alert and interactive
  • Smiles when smiled at
  • Maintains eye contact
  • Recognizes mother
  • Turns head towards sound
  • Coos and gurgles

Play and Cognition

When lying on back…

  • Keeps head in the middle to watch faces or toys
  • Reaches for the toy held above the chest
  • Turns head from side to side to follow a moving toy
  • Brings hands and fingers together
  • Puts hands in mouth
  • Bat at object

The developmental milestones chart listed above for 3 months old baby outline the behaviors and skills that children typically display at this age. However, every kid is unique in his own way and develops at his own pace depending on the opportunities and stimulation he receives at the age of 3 months.

Courtesy:, Right From Start Book By Mandira Kumar