Parent of 3 years old baby should know the developmental milestone. This would help parent what to expect and what not at the age of 3 years of your baby. Here are the milestones categorized in main three categories.

Physical Development

  • Kicks a large stationary ball
  • Throws a ball a few feet away
  • Walks up stairs with alternating feet
  • Jumps from a step

Communication and Social Skill

  • Names most everyday objects and body parts
  • Talks in sentences most of the time
  • Speaks in 3-5 words sentences using about 200 words
  • Interacts with adults and children
  • Begins to share and show concern towards others
  • Begins to make friends

Play and Cognition

  • Begins to play co-operatively, in small groups
  • Listens to music or stories for 5-10 minutes
  • Builds a tower of 9-10 blocks
  • Strings beads
  • Tries to draw a face
  • Pretend play gets more complex, as roles are enacted and props used

The developmental milestones chart listed above for 3 years old baby outline the behaviors and skills that children typically display at this age. However, every kid is unique in his own way and develops at his own pace depending on the opportunities and stimulation he receives at the age of 3 years.

Courtesy:, Right From Start Book By Mandira Kumar