Do not overload your child as it can make them lose focus.

Children are found busier than parents in recent time. School, extra classes, homework and many other extracurricular activities keeps the children busy. Extracurricular activities are a part of early childhood development, they help children learn and discover new talents. Parents have to find a way to create a balance between their children’s daytime activities and free time.

Extracurricular and other activities are important but do not overload your child as it can make your child lose focus. Overloading creates stress and stress takes toll on concentration.

Below are some signs you can see to know when your children are overloaded?

  • They look exhausted and tired frequently.
  • Their performance at school deteriorates.
  • They suffer from frequent headaches.
  • They are either anxious or withdrawn.
  • They feel less hungry at mealtime, but snacking increases.

How to make sure your children are not overloaded.

Give them only one instruction at a time. You have to be patient and try to give only single one line works. Such as, tell them to put one toy in the box and your child will do it with complete focus. However, when you tell them to put all the toys in the box, they will be confused. This is called overloading. Start giving single and simple works and you will be happy with the results.

Giving your children options can also confuse them, like saying “You can have Cookie or cake”. Children always confuse “or” with “and” and they want to have everything available. Don’t give them options, parents should decide what they want their children to have.

Also give your kid ample amount of time to play. Do not burden them with too many activities to finish in little time. Time is a concentration booster, when your child is lost in an activity; their concentration is at the peak. They should know that they have all the time so they can relax and get lost in the activity.

Don’t push your Kids from activity to activity, it makes them overloaded. Be sure to give a pause between two activities to recover from the previous activity. Reduce the extracurricular and create a smart timetable for your child. Give them a lot of family time like road trips, park trips, picnics etc.

Children may also be suffering from technology overload, TVs, Smart phones, Tablets and Computers are the main reason for it, no wonder they’re distracted. Set strict rules about technology use and limiting screentime.

This does not mean that there should be zero activities and your children just should sit like a couch potato all the time. Getting your children out to play is also important, it works as an exercise for them and exercise is known to improve attention. It will burn the extra energy and will help them get better sleep at night.

 Remember your only focus should be your child’s wellbeing.