Children get fussy or cranky for many reasons. However, neglecting the fussy/cranky behaviour of a child is clearly not a solution. It is important to identify the cause and find a solution for it.

If your child is a toddler the reasons can be:

  • Change of usual schedule.
  • upset stomach
  • Pain in some part of the body
  • suffering from cold or flu
  • Sleep-deprived

You may try some home remedies like having simple food for a few days, give your child a long night sleep or you can put some Nilgiri oil drops in the hanky and place it near the child. Rest and food can help your toddler overcome this behaviour.

If your child is an infant the reasons can be:

  • Hunger
  • Fatigue
  • Messy Diaper
  • Rashes

Check the diaper regularly and try and feed the child more often, if the mother is breastfeeding the child she should avoid spicy food for a few days or any food that can create stomach problems in infants. Additionally, keep a regular check on rashes in the neck and thighs. Give proper sleep to your child.