Help you children become justice-minded.

While teaching values to your children, the importance and significance of justice can never be underestimated. Justice lets your children be aware of what is right and wrong in the society. Justice helps create a safe environment for people to live in. Justice is important because it places a standard of good over evil. Help your children become justice-minded; this could be anything from avoiding a bad action, such as fighting with playmates, or following certain instruction, such as watching TV only after finishing homework.

Parents always want their children to identify their mistakes and to understand why they behaved as they did. That is not enough. If you want your children to have a true sense of justice, you need to encourage them to take some action to repair a wrong. Saying “I’m sorry” is easy for a child, and it lets them get away without making them realise what they did. Making your child amend their mistakes in a proactive way sends a much stronger message.

If you see that your children are behaving badly with someone, help them think of a way to compensate. By encouraging your child to make amends, you emphasize the importance of treating people equally. Model a justice-minded life for your children, remember, they are watching and noticing. Your actions speak louder than words. If children do not see parents as justice minded, they are not going to care about it either.

Instead of always pointing out children’s acts of injustice, you can show them a movie that portrays injustice and discuss it afterwards. Tell them the issues around the world that demands the need for justice. Explain to them the wrongs and rights and the probable solutions to the problems.

“The best thing parents can do for their children is give them roots and wings. Raise your child to make the world a better place”