Instilling Humility in Children

Humility is the value of being humble; Humility is one of the most important of all the values to teach to your children. Humility gives your child appropriate confidence to face the world, it makes them polite to people around them, they learn to listen to others. Teaching your children the value of humility keeps them away from excessive pride.

Here we will discuss about how to instill the value of humility in your children.

Modelling Humility:

Educate your children to be humble by being humble yourself. Do not brag about your achievements in front of your child and teach your child to take pleasure rather than pride in their achievements. Show them that its alright to not take credits of the things you do. Instead, give credit to the whole team.

For Example, don’t say “I made the bed” give credit to your children by saying “we made the bed”

Teach them to serve:

Teach your children how to help others and participate in such activities. Take them to the events of an organisation who serves the poor and homeless. Tell your children that poor and homeless people should be treated humbly. Teach your child to help others by volunteering at a hospital or helping the neighbour to cut the grass. It gives a message to your child that being humble is not the same as being weak.

Teach them the way of Communicating:

Talking to anyone and everyone politely is the important part of being humble. Set a zero tolerance policy towards disrespectful behaviour. Remind the child to use respectful speech and model it for them. Parents should apologize for their mistakes and expect their child to do the same. Apologizing makes you put your pride aside, and is one of the most humble things. Teach your child gratitude; teach them to say, “Please” and “thank you” at appropriate times. Do not expect them to know humility on their own. Parents need to guide their every step of the way. You can also teach your child how to communicate by showing them an appropriate exchange of words between two soft toys.

Teach them fair play:

Encourage your child to use appropriate and ethical methods for doing any task. A humble person won’t lie, cheat or use a questionable method. Children cheat because they think winning is more important than to enjoy the game. Teach them that it is more important to participate and enjoy the activity.

“Great people are recognised by how they treat others and appreciate their talents “Without humility, there can be no humanity.”