Parents should support children in their efforts

Parents should support children in their efforts. Let them know that efforts are as important as completing the task. Even if the task does not go the way it should be, tell your children that they should be proud of themselves for trying. Parents should appreciate even small efforts, so that they are not afraid to try more.

If they fail at once, ask your child to try again. Do not offer your help as a way to motivate them, let them stretch their limits, let the child reach to the maximum level of their efforts. After stretching their limits, let them enjoy the joy of achieving something by their own efforts.

Even children want to please their parents. Let your child know that it is not the task but the effort they put into it that makes you happy. If a child has started to complete a particular task easily, make it complicated gradually and let them find the way to finish it. The purpose is to make them feel a little frustrated; the feeling of frustration is required to push your child to the next level.

Encourage your children on making efforts and not only on good results. Show them how satisfied it makes you feel when they complete a task. Give them the confidence they need. Do not pressure them to be No.1, by doing it, you are making them feel dissatisfied and like losers. The best practice for parents is not to expect any rank from your children, just push them to perform better than the previous attempt.

No matter how young your children are, your praise and encouragement will help them feel good about themselves.