Sometimes the best way to address difficulties you may be experiencing with your child or in your family is through parenting consultation sessions. Parenting Nations chapter in your city has number of parenting experts who can help you dealing in parental issues. Our expert panel is consist of professional doctors, parenting educators, child psychologist and many more who are passionate for parenting. The session with these experts will help you improve your effectiveness in working day-to-day with your child on the emotional or behavioral problems they’re facing.

Parenting consultation consists of problem solving sessions in which expert panels work together to develop a plan to address child’s difficulties that respects and incorporates parent’s family values and traditions.

It’s important to realize that a Parenting Consultant is not meant to give you a lesson on how to raise your kids. They are merely available to help mediate parenting issues that may arise and help you and your partner to come to a decision that is in the best interest of your child.

Parents can take a help of our FREE ‘Parenting Help Line’ at first, if their issues are solvable on phone support.

In case you need face-to-face consultation & to know the location for consulting, feel free to contact us to discuss your concerns about your child and to see if parenting consultation may be a good fit for you and your family.

Parenting Consultation (Face-to-face) Charges :

  • For Parents Club Member : FREE
  • For non-member : Rs.100 For one session