World Parenting Day – WPD is a global initiative to create awareness about the importance of Early Childhood Development among parents and the citizens of the world.

By celebrating World Parenting Day, we want to spread awareness and let parents know that by investing your time in your child’s parenting, you are actually investing your time for making the world a better place. Celebrating it as a day will make the belief stronger in parents that, Early Childhood Development should be their premium priority.

Below are the purposes behind World Parenting Day.

  • Making parents aware about importance of early childhood development.
  • Guiding parents in their journey of early childhood parenting.
  • Motivating parents to give more quality time & resources to their children especial of age 0 to 5.
  • Recognizing parents for their selfless commitment to children and their sacrifice towards nurturing parent-child relationship.
  • Developing & populating story based multimedia presentations inspired by such great parents to motivate other parents to follow them.
  • Organizing and supporting parenting seminars.
  • Uniting people working towards early childhood development / parenting & create a society of like-minded people to enforce all such initiatives.

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