The organization structure / working model of Parenting Nations is inspired by 3 global organizations – United Nations, Lions Club & Rotary Club.

In PN working model, there are city level chapters on ground level who majorly work on projects designed by PN and also independent to work in their cities as per need & time. Above to all city level chapters there would a state level admin body to guide & look after the progress. In same way a National body & an International body on top of all. Below is the working pattern in each city, where there are 4 major segments under one city chapter.

Official Membership / Volunteers:

Becoming a Parenting Nation’s city level chapter’s member gives you the opportunity to be a part of core working committee members in your region. Make new like-minded friends and professional connections who believe in importance of early years of a child. Lead projects that contribute towards sustainable early childhood development.

Parenting Nations city level chapter is composed of diverse people in communities. That’s why we offer two ways to become a PN member – and contribute.

1) Official Member    2) Volunteer Member

Official member is one who may be given particular responsibilities in various projects & attendance in monthly meeting is needed. Person interested in being an official member must be invited by any of your city chapter’s existing member. The fee to be an official member is Rs.3000 annually.

Whereas Volunteer member is the one who may not be committed to take any long term responsibilities but will be available on request in support of particular project. Attendance in meetings is also not mandatory. To be a volunteer you don’t need to be invited by existing member of your city chapter. The fee to be an official member is Rs.300 annually.

Membership registration form

2. Global Initiatives :

At present there are 3 global initiatives taken by PN.

1) World Parenting Day       2) Parenting Helpline

Each city level chapter would contribute towards these initiatives.  One chapter do have freedom to design new initiative(s) as per their place, time & need.