In today’s digital world, instead of getting easy, parenting is becoming more and more challenging. There is no master key for handling children’s problem. Every child is unique and thus every parent has different challenges. Parents who are sensible to find the solution for the problem they are facing in dealing with children; may it be related to your child’s health, tantrum, digital media addiction or concentration problem; Just frame your problem in a set of words and send it on Parenting Helpline Number via sms/whatsapp/call; The expert panel will do their best to justify your problem.

Fell free to share your parenting challenges with us. Your one effort will help in strengthening your parent-child relationship.

Parenting Helpline Number (Ahmedabd City) : +91-7623079079 (SMS/Whatsapp/Call) – Free of charge

How to use ‘Parenting Helpline’ service

  • Try to figure out the problem you are facing with your child.
  • Note down your issue on paper or mobile.
  • Send it via SMS/Whatsapp on +91-7623 079 079.
  • Or email us on

What after sending your parenting issue to us ? 

  • Our admin will study your issue.
  • It will be passed on to related scholar.
  • Assigned scholar will call on your contact number at his/her convenience within 36 hours.

* in case you have are not receiving any call within 36 hours, update us by sending sms ‘No reply’ on same number/email on which you sent your issue.

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