Create a confession corner in your home

No one including adults likes to confess, it is easy to lie and make excuses of our misdeeds. We don’t want other people to know about what wrong things we did. The fact is that no amount of excuses and denials will make our failings go away. It will only distance us further from those we have wronged and that will bring more unhappiness in our lives. Therefore, we should teach our children how to confess from an early age.

No, we are not saying you to find a priest for your child to confess his/her mistake. Parenting Nations have come up with an innovative idea for parents i.e. to create a confession corner in your house. A place where your child can go and admit their mistakes. It should be the deserted corner or a small room of your house where no one visits. Paint that corner with holistic painting to give the feel and let the confessor be God himself! Whenever your child does anything wrong, ask him/her to go to the confession corner and ask forgiveness from the person they have wronged and God and make a promise that the mistake will not be repeated.

Ask them to speak in a voice that at least they themselves can hear it. Speaking out in this way will let your child be free from guilt. Even when you feel, that your children failed to appreciate somebody when they need to, ask them to go to the confession corner and thank the person. Your child will start to experience a tremendous amount of relaxation with this practice. If the mind is relaxed the probability of growing up as a genius grows.

Read about some benefits of confession below:

  • It removes the guilt the child have been lugging around by giving the feeling that they have been forgiven.
  • It will give them strength to overcome any difficulty.
  • Confessing will bring peace and relief in their life.
  • Your children will be true to themselves and this will boost their willpower.
  • They won’t repeat the same mistake again and will fight the urge to do bad things more strongly.
  • Your children will know themselves better and will be able identify their weaknesses.
  • It has the power of healing the soul from hatred, desire of revenge, sadness or even depression.

“Guilt is toxic but opening up is good for health”