By reading the title ‘Do not let your child look into the mirror frequently’ you must be thinking that how a harmless thing like mirror can affect my child’s brain development. Let us tell you that, yes it does. We are not saying you to stop using the mirror or don’t let your child look into the mirror at all, but repetitive staring in the mirror without any reason can be unhealthy. Mirrors should be used when you get dressed or put on make-up, but avoid them in-between periods. The addiction of checking one’s appearance repeatedly in the mirror has been termed as unhealthy by many studies and researches. This habit starts in childhood and grows with age. After reading this article, you will know that why you should not let your child look into the mirror frequently.

Frequently looking in the mirror can affect you in many different ways. Today’s modern society demands you to look in a specific way, like having combed hair, groomed beard and clear skin. Mirrors play an important role in this. People these days check themselves in the mirror repeatedly to reassure that they are looking up to the mark. This practice is making people self-conscious and seeing a single flaw on your face such as a pimple can ruin your day.

Here we will discuss the disadvantages of looking into mirror and advantages of not.

Disadvantages of looking into mirror frequently:

  • Looking at mirror frequently makes you look-conscious and disturbs your thought process.
  • If you find any flaw on your face, such as a small blackhead, all your focus will be on getting rid of it. Your mind will think constantly on finding the solution and ignore all-important things that matters.
  • If your face or some part of it slightly matches with any celebrity, you will try to look and behave more and more like that celebrity.
  • The more you look in the mirror the less you observe the things around you.
  • It is proved by a research that frequently looking into the mirror makes you more and more anxious and depressed, even if you were healthy before.
  • If any part of your face or body is ugly, by looking yourself in to the mirror repeatedly will make you conscious about that part and you will start comparing it with everyone you see.
  • If you are good looking, it makes you more conscious about your appearance.

Advantages of ‘NOT’ looking into mirror or Advantages of Mirror Fasting:

  • Your actions will come from how you feel from inside, rather than from how you look from outside.
  • You will be able to separate your looks from your self-esteem.
  • You will care less about the people’s perspective about your looks.
  • You will realize that looks doesn’t matter and people actually care about your personality and your overall character.
  • You will stop being self-conscious.
  • If you won’t care about your own looks, you will stop complaining about how other people looks.
  • You will start enjoying and observing everything around you.

So just, stop your child from looking in the mirror frequently. Don’t let them stare at themselves (Except when really needed, like when combing hair or brushing teeth etc). Keep fewer mirrors in the house and out of the reach of children. Parents should also stay away from the mirror and use them only 5-6 times a day (possibly not in front of your children).

Your children will be able to love inner self so much that when they grow up they will not care about how their reflection looks like. Until then, keep the mirrors away.