Early years has a deep effect on child’s overall development life long. It is very important to spread the awareness among every caretaker, be it parents or pre-school teachers to maximize their future well-being. People and environments around young children are crucial for how their brain develops. Children majorly spend their quality time at home and pre-school. Pre-school teachers are one of key influencers for children.

We conducted a survey for pre-schools in 2016 and according to the results 96% pre-school’s staff has not undertook any professional training for early childhood development and are not even aware of its real importance.

We at Parenting Nations have developed a complete course and reading material which will aware and educate pre-school teachers/care takers about Early Childhood Development.

Why one should join Pre-School Teachers Training Program (PTTP)

  • Inspired by United Nations ECD program.
  • This program is result of more than 50 global ECD experts’ suggestions & their knowledge of ECD.
  • Reading material for PTTP has been gathered from more than 70 profound books on ECD.
  • Teacher will be exposed to the researches done globally on ECD; they will learn the new ways to tackle children’s day to day problems.
  • Program design inspired by more than 8 courses & many seminars attended by Parenting Nations Founder.
  • Indian culture & values specific program.

What preschool teachers/care takers will get on completion of this program?

  • You will be a Parenting Nations’s certified Pre School Teacher.
  • It can boost up your career as a preschool teacher / parenting educator.
  • You will be equipped with systematic knowledge of ECD with methods to implement strategies.
  • Your & your school name will be displayed on PN website under “Schools having PN certified Teachers”


  • PTTP is a part of ‘Association Of Pre-school’ and is free for all teachers of associated members.
  • For non-members this service is available at Rs.1499 per teacher for 15 days of training.

Interested candidates/pre-schools can fill below form, our team will contact you.