In today’s world, your children’s will end up mindlessly watching television or playing video games if there is no weekend plan. Your children’s weekends shall feel different from their weekdays. For examples: playing cricket, chopping firewood or playing piano etc. Doing a different kind of activity allows your child’s mind and body to recover from stress they encountered during the week. Planned weekends not only revitalize your children for the coming week, but also make the week splendid for them. So, plan for your children’s weekend.

You don’t need a superbly managed, minute-by-minute plan for the weekend , but plan three to five major activities for your children. These activities are what become memories. Craft weekends that are memorable, relaxing, and productive for your children.

Below are the activities you can plan for your children’s weekend:

  • Gardening.
  • Cleaning car or bike.
  • Plan a weekend getaway.
  • Arranging toys.
  • Managing cupboards, bookshelves, drawers etc.
  • Brunch with family.
  • Invite kids to help cook.
  • Visit museums.
  • Visit relatives or friends.
  • Listening to soft music.
  • Repair the damaged toys.
  • Visit parks and carnival.
  • Play music and dance with family.
  • Attend a public event or exhibition.
  • Swimming.
  • Go out for dinner.
  • Bring home a telescope and check out the stars.

Children don’t want things, they want your time. Your presence is the best thing you can offer. Build memories that last a lifetime for them.