To make your children a genius Boost their Self-confidence from childhood.

Self confidence is just feeling good about yourself. If you’re a self confident man, it means that you feel good about yourself and about your ability to achieve things. The lack of self confidence has a great negative effect on your social relations, career and achievements. The moments when we feel bad the most are the moments when our self confidence is at its lowest point. Self confidence and happiness are strongly connected. Self confidence is about knowing that you are good, worthy and capable of facing life problems. The more self confident you are, the more free you are from the mental torture of doubting yourself, and questioning your capability of achieving things you want to achieve. Self confidence is a necessary ingredient for raising a genius child.

Self-confidence is important in all situations of life. No matter you are an adult or a child, everybody needs self-confidence to perform any tasks successfully. Self confidence sets your child up for success. Self-confidence is a Positive feeling that helps children try new challenges, cope with mistakes, and try again. Children with lack of self-confidence feel unsure of themselves and they may not even participate in anything. They won’t be able stand up for themselves. It will leave children distracted by the stress of how to deal with everyday challenges.

Below are the few things your can do to boost your child’s self confidence.

Stay attached and responsive to your baby:

Yes, building self-confidence in your child starts from as soon as he/she is born, because the baby’s brain grows very fast during the first two years. Infants have more intense demands; and they need a quick, positive and consistent response to every cry.  As a result, baby learns that his/her cues have meaning and the baby thinks “Someone listens to me, therefore, I am worthwhile.”

Compliment only when needed:

By complimenting too much children get so accustomed to getting compliments that they have a hard time realizing when their accomplishments are really worth celebrating. Soon they will realise that you are exaggerating and the feeling of achieving something will fade away. Also, do not praise your children if they do something that they are supposed to do like brushing their teeth. Of course they need a lot of encouragement but do only when they actually are worthy of it.

Encourage Decision Making:

Children gain confidence in their own good judgment when they get chance to make their choices from a young age. Parents should only be there to see that whatever they have decided will not harm them.

Give quality time to your children:

Give a lot of quality time to your child, it gives your child the message, “You are worth my time. You are a valuable person.” It gives your child feelings of importance and accomplishment.

Show your child the ways to achieve their goals:

Help your child be more optimistic, encourage them to think and work on specific ways to improve a situation to achieve something. If they fail at something, it’s your responsibility to come up with a plan for how they can increase the chances accomplishing something.

Teach good manners:

Knowing how to address a person properly, shake hands etc can give your child a kick-start to building self-confidence.

Ask for their help:

When children feel like they’re doing a good thing by lending a hand, they feel more confident. When you are doing some important work ask your children to help you by saying “I could really use your help!” it is empowering and confidence boosting for them to assist you.

Make them house-smart:

Give your children household duties like making the bed, dusting or even wash the dishes. It helps them feel more valuable and channels their energy into something positive and sincere.

Don’t discipline your children by physical punishment:

Hitting, slapping, beating, etc. leaves negative impacts on the subconscious mind of children, its effects are felt throughout the life. Every time the negative memory is triggered, it will leave your child more fearful, angry, and filled with hatred and low self-esteem.

Model by improving your own self-confidence:

If parents feel that they have a low self-esteem, they should take the steps to boost it. If you become more confident, your children will look up to you.

“Low self-confidence isn’t a life sentence. Self-confidence can be learned, practiced, and mastered — just like any other skill. Once you master it, everything in your life will change for the better.”