Distractions can affect your kid’s academic and professional life. Kids are distracted by smallest of the things.  If your child is getting distracted easily, it is important to find the reason behind it. Instead of losing hope, find the solution to the problem. To minimize the distractions in Children is not a rocket science. With few steps, your kid can have the sharpest focus ever!

Here are few common things that distract the child and their solutions.

Control their Hyperactivity

Children are super active. Being very active does not mean only running around here and there. Because they are so active, they pickup items and don’t even realize it and distracting them from what they were doing. If you notice this in your child, give them a stress ball to keep in their pocket or a chewing gum may help them from being distracted by other things.

Phone ring

When you specially want your child to focus on a specific thing like homework, turn off your phone or put the ringer down. It will minimize the distractions in children and help your child to concentrate.

Prevent Daydreaming

Children also get distracted by their own thoughts and end up daydreaming. To prevent it you have to make sure your child understands the task beforehand. You can break the tasks into small parts to keep the child focused on the current task. Give them time limit to finish the task. It will minimize the distractions in children and help them stay focused.


Children have different brains than adults and their reaction to visual, sound, feel etc is also different from us. Things like itchy socks or tags inside the clothes can take away your child’s focus. Make them wear soft and tagless clothes.


When your child needs to focus on something, give them the ambience that can help them focus. The place should be quiet, no sounds like TV shall enter the room. Room should be clean and comfortable. The lights in the room should not be too bright. You can also play  soft music to cover other distracting sounds.

Watch yourself in your child’s presence

Be the person you want your child to be. Parents shall not argue or even yell at each other in front of their children. Children too care about their parents. Watching or listening parents argue can scare a  child. Your child can think and worry about the fights between any given task and hinder their focus. Be positive in front of your child; tell them about all good things. Let them know everything is fine.

Demand your child’s focus

Spend time with your child at least once a day when you can focus 100% on your child. Play indoor or outdoor games with your child, and make sure that they are concentrating on the activity.

It is not an easy task, have patience & faith and your effort will show good result for sure.